Only one more day till Halloween and it will be one whole month of blogging! I honestly can’t believe I’ve stuck to it. I usually start 30-day challenges, do well for the first week and a half then miss one day for one reason or another and think fuck it what’s the point, I’ve already missed a day what’s another, then I never start it again.

To be honest sticking to Blogtober has been challenging at times to think of post ideas, to keep on track and to fit in the time to write posts up. Some posts have been good, some have been bad but I’ve almost done it.

I think next year, if I take part in Blogtober or if I take part in Blogmas this year I will definitely plan ahead more to take the pressure off a bit. I’ve found myself panicking and staying up late when I should go to bed just to write posts so that I don’t miss a day.Β  I’m so glad I stuck to it!

Now that Blogtober is drawing to an end I’m slowly going to start focusing on my Instagram again and go back to sharing other parents birth stories, parenting hacks/tips/advice. I plan on reverting back to my niche! I will still have a few random posts and I plan on posting more regularly than I was before Blogtober but maybe not daily.

What are your aims for after Blogtober?



3 thoughts on “Blogtober is drawing to a close; Blogtober Day #30

  1. I didn’t take part in Blogtober, I just kept putting up a new post of mine every few days.

    I’ve also really made time each day to read through and comment on other Blogs that I Follow, really enjoyable to see what other are up to, what they are writing, their style of writing and obviously their content.

    I’m wondering if I should just Follow a load more Bloggers and see if that adds to my numbers ?!?! All to learn, very exciting indeed.

    The views on my very basic Blog have increased in the 3 months I’ve had it. So November needs to be good as well…………….

    Good luck everyone.


    1. Yeah i think engaging with other people is key, something i’ve noticed some people do is to comment on peoples posts and write my latest post is here with the link if you want to check it out and i have to be honest i tend to look at those posts more than i would otherwise.

      Now that blogtober is over though i plan on concentrating on reading other peoples post s more and commenting, after all thats one of the things that got me started blogging in the first place.

      Hope Novemeber is just as good for you, just carry on doing what you love and try not to worry too much about the numbers (views/followers) its easy to get too wrapped up in it.

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      1. Thank you. I shall note those points.

        I’m keen to engage and learn more little bits and pieces. It’s quite fun as a β€˜hobby’, especially with it being Winter!!

        Good luck to your goals! πŸ‘πŸ‘ Will be reading with interest 😎

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