Blogtober is drawing to a close; Blogtober Day #30

Only one more day till Halloween and it will be one whole month of blogging! I honestly can’t believe I’ve stuck to it. I usually start 30-day challenges, do well for the first week and a half then miss one day for one reason or another and think fuck it what’s the point, I’ve already missed a day what’s another, then I never start it again.

To be honest sticking to Blogtober has been challenging at times to think of post ideas, to keep on track and to fit in the time to write posts up. Some posts have been good, some have been bad but I’ve almost done it.

I think next year, if I take part in Blogtober or if I take part in Blogmas this year I will definitely plan ahead more to take the pressure off a bit. I’ve found myself panicking and staying up late when I should go to bed just to write posts so that I don’t miss a day.  I’m so glad I stuck to it!

Now that Blogtober is drawing to an end I’m slowly going to start focusing on my Instagram again and go back to sharing other parents birth stories, parenting hacks/tips/advice. I plan on reverting back to my niche! I will still have a few random posts and I plan on posting more regularly than I was before Blogtober but maybe not daily.

What are your aims for after Blogtober?



10 Simple Halloween meal ideas; Blogtober Day #6

Following the theme from my last post I thought I’d post some ideas from some Halloween themed main meals. Great for if you’re having a Halloween party.

  1. Skeleton Pie – Simple yet effective, it reminds me of jack from the nightmare before Christmas.                                                                                          01f319791b782659f336ae6509269d47
  2. Toxic waste mac n cheese


3. R.I.P Tacos and dips – How amazing does this look?


4. Hot dog mummies – This is a must in my house this year the kids are going to love it!


5. Pepper brain monsters


6. Pizza Hands – You could also try using spooky cookie cutters for this!


7. Spooky shepherds pie


8. Pumpkin Cheeseburgers


9. Veggie Skeleton and dips


10. Pasta Faces



Sweet Child Of Mine; Slow Down.

Today i’ve been planning some blog posts and jotting down some ideas ready for Blogtober, its definitely the kick up the arse i need to get my love for writing back and so far so good i’ve managed to write up one blog post, half write another and make a list of all the subjects i want to cover and i did all this in a two hour window, while Aria was at school and Finley was watching his favourite film, Frozen. (for the hundredth time)

Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life – J K Rowling

Do you ever get those days where you just stare at your child, study every aspect of their face and get overwhelmed with pride at their beauty, character and intelligence? Then it hits you, the moment when you feel like you have a lump in your throat, your stomach is full of butterflies and not the good kind like when you meet someone for the first time but they’re not going to be my babies much longer kind. Kids grow way too quick and its something people always say but you don’t really believe them until you have kids. Then you find yourself being that person constantly saying “they grow too quick, cherish the time while you can.” now I know a lot of you reading this will be thinking your children are two and three you’ve got plenty of time yet but in reality, we haven’t. Aria no longer needs us to feed her, She’s fully potty trained and she’s starting to ask to dress herself, she can do it. (sometimes inside out) She doesn’t want to hold our hand anymore she would rather run off and she doesn’t even look back when running in the school gates. All these little things make me so proud of her yet so sad that she’s needing us less and less.

You never know when the last time they will ask for a “huggy, kissy and nosey” at bedtime will be. How much longer they will find it funny shaking their bum at you or cuddle up with you for a film. Who knows how long it will be before they ask for their first sleepover at a friends house or if they will stop telling us they love us because it’s embarrassing. So please do cherish every moment, I know parenting isn’t easy. In fact, it’s the hardest job in the world but when your child asks you to sit and read a book or watch a film with them, do it the housework can wait. Cherish the i love you’s and the cuddles and love them like there’s no tomorrow.