Happy Halloween; Blogtober Day 31

Can I just start this last post of Blogtober by saying I hope you’ve all had a great Halloween.


We’ve had such a great day today we started out going to Llanciach Fawr where we took part in various activities and we watched a magic show. Aria got over her fear of bouncy castles.

We got to see some fascinating animals including a possum, meerkats, a lizard and some sort of bug. I’m not quite sure what bug it was his name was Vinnie but he was part of the arachnid family but also looked a little like a scorpion, I actually held Vinnie and I was quite surprised at myself, I wasn’t scared at all and you couldn’t even feel him on your hand. I also held the lizard which was beautiful. I have to say I was gutted though because the day before they had snakes and an armadillo, I absolutely love snakes!

We also played outside on the slide and with footballs, hoops and bean bags which both the kids absolutely loved. Not as much as Aria loved the bouncy castle though I actually had to drag her off there kicking and screaming when we had to leave. We finished off with a puppet show before we headed home for some dinner and then trick or treating. Aria loved the fact she got sweets for knocking on peoples doors and I can already imagine what she will be like tomorrow asking for some. Finley on the other hand, we decided to take him on his reins, BIG MISTAKE! He dropped to the floor about 100 times which meant he was soaking wet from head to toe. He wouldn’t stay still so I just looked like a greedy adult asking for sweets while Finley was nowhere to be seen. He finally got the hang of knocking doors when we were nearly home, maybe next year he will be a bit more into it. Fingers crossed.




Blogtober is drawing to a close; Blogtober Day #30

Only one more day till Halloween and it will be one whole month of blogging! I honestly can’t believe I’ve stuck to it. I usually start 30-day challenges, do well for the first week and a half then miss one day for one reason or another and think fuck it what’s the point, I’ve already missed a day what’s another, then I never start it again.

To be honest sticking to Blogtober has been challenging at times to think of post ideas, to keep on track and to fit in the time to write posts up. Some posts have been good, some have been bad but I’ve almost done it.

I think next year, if I take part in Blogtober or if I take part in Blogmas this year I will definitely plan ahead more to take the pressure off a bit. I’ve found myself panicking and staying up late when I should go to bed just to write posts so that I don’t miss a day.  I’m so glad I stuck to it!

Now that Blogtober is drawing to an end I’m slowly going to start focusing on my Instagram again and go back to sharing other parents birth stories, parenting hacks/tips/advice. I plan on reverting back to my niche! I will still have a few random posts and I plan on posting more regularly than I was before Blogtober but maybe not daily.

What are your aims for after Blogtober?


Our Half Term Plans; Blogtober Day #29

The first day of half term and we’ve had a pretty chilled day, we’ve watched one of Arias (and my favourite) Disney film; the princess and the frog. We’ve also carved our pumpkins, no need to guess which one is mine.

Today is the only day we haven’t got any plans throughout half term. Tomorrow Arias going shopping with her Nannie. Wednesday we are going on a trip with the other mums from creche to Llanciach Fawr. I remember going there as a child with the school but can’t for the life of me remember what’s there. I’m really looking forward to it though it will be so nice to take the kids out somewhere new, to let them explore and have some fun. Then when we come home we’re going trick or treating. (we’re dressing as the Addams family) Thursday we are having a play date with cousins and I’m having a catch up with my auntie so we’ve got a fun-filled week ahead!

What’s everyone else doing to keep the kids entertained over half term?

10 Kids Gift Ideas (Girls); Blogtober Day #18

  1. Personalised Rag Doll 

I had one of these dolls when I was younger and I absolutely loved it. (okay I had a few)


2. World map pillowcase colour and learn

How amazing is this? Not only is it good for colouring in they get to learn about the world as they do it. I’m all for educational toys.

normal_world-map-pillowcase-colour-and-learn (1)

3.Personalised Rainbow mug

Aria loves having her own cup “like mummy” and how cute is this rainbow design?


4.Personalised Children’s story book

Aria loves reading and I know she would absolutely love reading a book with her name in it.


5. Lucky Star Necklace

There’s something about kids and jewellery I will never understand but they are fascinated by it (maybe because its shiny), every time I wear a necklace though aria asks to wear it. So this year we’ve agreed she can have one. I also love the design because she is obsessed with stars at the moment, in fact, she’s asked for a telescope for Christmas to look at the “twinkle twinkle little stars.”


6. Colour in dress up

Fancy dress and colouring all in one. what’s not to love?


7. Personalised apron

Kids love to bake and if I’m honest I love them baking with me too. It’s something I’ve grown up saying;

“when I have kids I can’t wait to bake cakes with them”


8.Wall Print

Another great print for decorating their bedroom.


9. Gardening set

Another thing both my kid’s love is playing with dirt, so what better way to get them involved than gardening?


10. Bunny Rabbit Dress

This dress is just beautiful!


10 Gifts for Her Christmas list; Blogtober Day #15

As soon as September is over and Finley’s birthday is gone we start thinking of things to buy for people for Christmas. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I can’t wait to start buying but its often hard to know what to buy. So I’m putting together a list of things to buy for her, Things that you don’t usually see in the shops, something more personal.

* Will contain links to items, I’m not getting paid for this it’s just my own personal recommendations*

  1. Now if like me your a mum or have a friend that’s a mum you’ll know just how stressful it is and how nice it is to unwind with a nice glass of wine/gin (I know this sounds really stereotypical and not all mums do it, I don’t very often and until quite recently I didn’t drink at all) how great would it be though to have your own Personalised Gin glass

For the times you do want to just unwind…


2. Who doesn’t like to hear what people like about them?

Things we love about…


3. Why not try something a little different this year and get a zodiac  Star sign constellation


4. This is one of my favourites so far (so Dan if your reading this take notes) I absolutely love how you can pick your own hair, skin tone, lipstick, jumper and the year you were born!!

Makeup bag


5. Now anyone who knows me knows just how much I love tea but I’m quite funny with my cups/mugs. They have to be white inside so I can see how strong my tea is and they can’t be too big or small they need to be a standard size mug. I absolutely love a pretty design or something simple.

Personalised mug

Mummy and me mug set


6. Who doesn’t love to pamper themselves, even more so in the autumn/winter months.

Face mask party kit


7.  I think these necklaces are absolutely beautiful and perfect for any lady in your life.

Personalised Druzy Cluster Necklace


8. Have you got someone on your list that loves makeup but your unsure what foundation or what colour eyeshadows they like. Why not try a makeup brush set? These are an absolutely beautiful colour too.

15pc Rose Gold brush set


9. Do you know someone who spends more time in the garden than in the house?

Personalised Gardening apron


10.  I’m a self-confessed chocoholic and this gift is what dreams are made of!

Malteaser Chocolate Drizzle Personalised Tree