So this post is a bit different and it’s not following the theme (Halloween/ autumn) but its what I’ve been up to lately. Aria has got to that age now where she understands things a lot more, she can understand when I explain things to her and follow instructions (when she wants) but since shes started school I’ve found she runs off and doesn’t stop when I tell her to, which can obviously be very dangerous and hard work for me when I’m walking with/ pushing Finley. I don’t want to bribe her with chocolate and sweets otherwise I would end up buying her sweets and chocolate every day. So I decided it was time to do a reward chart. I’ve always wanted to make a reward chart since I saw one once on Supernanny, the children on there always seem so happy to do the things they have been asked to do when they get a sticker or a treat for it.

So we decided (well I decided) to make Aria one, I know Finley wouldn’t be old enough to fully understand yet so maybe we will start one with him after Christmas.


Please ignore the lines I didn’t have a ruler I actually use the lollipop sticks, hence the dots. I will be getting a ruler for next time. 

I wrote the days across the top and the actions across the side. Her name is up in the corner and I’ve written on the front and back of lollipop sticks, one side has an indoor activity and the other has an outdoor activity. So that no matter what the weather she still gets rewarded for her good behaviour. Each week on a Sunday she picks out a reward stick for the week ahead (so she knows what she’s working for and we know to arrange activities)

To make your own Reward Chart you need:

Paper or Card



Lollipop sticks (or you can just use paper)

I’m a strong believer of getting the children involved in the housework as they grow, I hope that by the time our kids have their own home they will know how to make basic meals or how to use a washing machine. Obviously I’m not going to be cooking with them anytime soon but aria already loves helping me with the washing she puts the clothes in the wash with me and presses the buttons to start (with my supervision) I’m hoping to get her to start helping me put the toys away at night and make her bed in the mornings.


I’d love to hear from other parents that give their children chores at a young age. What kind of Chores do you give them? How do they help?


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