How on earth have we only got 3 months left of this year already? it seems like just yesterday we booked the wedding on January 1st and now this year is almost over. So I thought this would be a great time to plan what I want to achieve before this year up.

I’m going to split this post into categories:

  • Family Goals
  • Personal Goals
  • Important Goals
  • Goals as a couple
  • Additional Goals


Family Goals

There is so much I want to do as a family especially near Christmas but I’d love to go to more mother and toddler groups with Finley or start doing some crafts in the house now that I get some alone time with him. Also every year we go to a winter wonderland with the kids so would love to continue that tradition, I can’t wait to go trick or treating this year with the kids, fingers crossed Finley stays awake this time. I really want to start going swimming too but with dan in work so much its hard to actually arrange a time to go.

Personal Goals

I’m just going to list these:

  • clean more (i know boring)
  • make time for me
  • Eat healthier (cliche)
  • blog more and keep up with my social media
  • Carry on making wax melts


Important Goals

  • Pay photographer off
  • Pay wedding venue off
  • Book limo
  • Get wedding dress altered
  • Get organised with Christmas shopping
  • Try to find somewhere else to live (optional but very important)
  • Have hair and makeup trial.
  • Pay bridesmaids dresses off


Couple Goals

I think the only goal we really have is to have date nights id love to have a date once a week/two weeks but that’s highly unlikely to happen so I’m hoping we can do one a month, whether that be a takeaway and a movie without the kids, a few hours out for a walk, or a night out/ meal out.

Additional Goals

I felt like I needed this category because these are far from essential but I would like to get these things done if I can.

  • Try potty training Finley.
  • Re- wallpaper the kid’s bedroom
  • Get a new wash box
  • Get a single bed and bedding for both kids.
  • Get rid of the bookshelf and get a storage unit for the kid’s toys
  • Get a shoe rack
  • Try teach Finley some new words with flashcards.
  • walk Finley to pick aria up daily. (currently on day 3)


So there we have it that’s my goals for the last three months of 2018, it’s highly likely that I’ve forgotten something and will add to my list but for now that’s it. Have you set yourself any goals for the end of the year?

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