Happy Halloween; Blogtober Day 31

Can I just start this last post of Blogtober by saying I hope you’ve all had a great Halloween.


We’ve had such a great day today we started out going to Llanciach Fawr where we took part in various activities and we watched a magic show. Aria got over her fear of bouncy castles.

We got to see some fascinating animals including a possum, meerkats, a lizard and some sort of bug. I’m not quite sure what bug it was his name was Vinnie but he was part of the arachnid family but also looked a little like a scorpion, I actually held Vinnie and I was quite surprised at myself, I wasn’t scared at all and you couldn’t even feel him on your hand. I also held the lizard which was beautiful. I have to say I was gutted though because the day before they had snakes and an armadillo, I absolutely love snakes!

We also played outside on the slide and with footballs, hoops and bean bags which both the kids absolutely loved. Not as much as Aria loved the bouncy castle though I actually had to drag her off there kicking and screaming when we had to leave. We finished off with a puppet show before we headed home for some dinner and then trick or treating. Aria loved the fact she got sweets for knocking on peoples doors and I can already imagine what she will be like tomorrow asking for some. Finley on the other hand, we decided to take him on his reins, BIG MISTAKE! He dropped to the floor about 100 times which meant he was soaking wet from head to toe. He wouldn’t stay still so I just looked like a greedy adult asking for sweets while Finley was nowhere to be seen. He finally got the hang of knocking doors when we were nearly home, maybe next year he will be a bit more into it. Fingers crossed.




Our Half Term Plans; Blogtober Day #29

The first day of half term and we’ve had a pretty chilled day, we’ve watched one of Arias (and my favourite) Disney film; the princess and the frog. We’ve also carved our pumpkins, no need to guess which one is mine.

Today is the only day we haven’t got any plans throughout half term. Tomorrow Arias going shopping with her Nannie. Wednesday we are going on a trip with the other mums from creche to Llanciach Fawr. I remember going there as a child with the school but can’t for the life of me remember what’s there. I’m really looking forward to it though it will be so nice to take the kids out somewhere new, to let them explore and have some fun. Then when we come home we’re going trick or treating. (we’re dressing as the Addams family) Thursday we are having a play date with cousins and I’m having a catch up with my auntie so we’ve got a fun-filled week ahead!

What’s everyone else doing to keep the kids entertained over half term?

10 Easy Jar Crafts; Blogtober Day #10

Lately, I’ve been collecting Jars for our wedding so I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas on what I can do with them. Our wedding is rustic themed so the different shape and sized jars work great. I never realised how many fab things you can do for all occasions with jars and bottles. Here are my favourite ideas, hope you like them as much as I do.

  1. Fairy/pixie/dragon jars – I love this idea for Arias bedroom when we finally get out of this house and she can have her own room. Also, I had to include the second photo anybody who knows me knows I love harry potter, so a cornish pixie in a jar is a must.

2. Hessian rustic jars – These are perfect for our wedding theme and it’s highly likely we will be doing this. I love how simple it is and how many ways you can mix it up.bb948a6335fbcb6e2895076977fbfe32

3. Glittery jars – these are perfect for autumn or for the Christmas period. They look so homely.


4. Autumn Leaves – Simple yet effective.


5. Halloween – How amazing do these Halloween themed jars look? There are so many possibilities with these. You can get printable stencils online of almost any design. 57f0d420a3d1a97467bb000b420a1be2

6. Brownie jar – I’ve seen a few different style jars but this is one of my favourites, it’s perfect as a gift. It’s an easy way to save time, you can get the kids involved and there are so many different possibilities. You could try cake, cookies, brownies, hot chocolate, milkshake or many others.


7. Fairy Lodge – Now in all honesty I don’t think id be able to make this as it looks a bit more tricky but I love the idea behind it, it looks absolutely beautiful and if your a very crafty person it would make a great gift.


8.  Rubberband -this is such a simple idea and it looks amazing, you could even try making mummy inspired ones for Halloween.


9- Love Bottles


10. String lights – How amazing do these look, just by adding string lights. e85aa6b933c940789f731245f07798e4

Reward Chart For Toddlers; Blogtober Day #8

So this post is a bit different and it’s not following the theme (Halloween/ autumn) but its what I’ve been up to lately. Aria has got to that age now where she understands things a lot more, she can understand when I explain things to her and follow instructions (when she wants) but since shes started school I’ve found she runs off and doesn’t stop when I tell her to, which can obviously be very dangerous and hard work for me when I’m walking with/ pushing Finley. I don’t want to bribe her with chocolate and sweets otherwise I would end up buying her sweets and chocolate every day. So I decided it was time to do a reward chart. I’ve always wanted to make a reward chart since I saw one once on Supernanny, the children on there always seem so happy to do the things they have been asked to do when they get a sticker or a treat for it.

So we decided (well I decided) to make Aria one, I know Finley wouldn’t be old enough to fully understand yet so maybe we will start one with him after Christmas.


Please ignore the lines I didn’t have a ruler I actually use the lollipop sticks, hence the dots. I will be getting a ruler for next time. 

I wrote the days across the top and the actions across the side. Her name is up in the corner and I’ve written on the front and back of lollipop sticks, one side has an indoor activity and the other has an outdoor activity. So that no matter what the weather she still gets rewarded for her good behaviour. Each week on a Sunday she picks out a reward stick for the week ahead (so she knows what she’s working for and we know to arrange activities)

To make your own Reward Chart you need:

Paper or Card



Lollipop sticks (or you can just use paper)

I’m a strong believer of getting the children involved in the housework as they grow, I hope that by the time our kids have their own home they will know how to make basic meals or how to use a washing machine. Obviously I’m not going to be cooking with them anytime soon but aria already loves helping me with the washing she puts the clothes in the wash with me and presses the buttons to start (with my supervision) I’m hoping to get her to start helping me put the toys away at night and make her bed in the mornings.


I’d love to hear from other parents that give their children chores at a young age. What kind of Chores do you give them? How do they help?