Take time for those that matter; Blogtober Day #27

As parents we often forget how important it is to not be parents for a bit, of course, we are still parents but finding time to just be Dan and Charlotte is equally as important as spending time with your kids.

When you become a parent you often lose yourself (not like Eminem) but you lose your identity, you forget who you were before you were “mum” and “dad” as much as you love those little darlings with all your heart and cherish the moments you have with them (some more than others) it can get you down just doing the same thing day in day out and not getting any “me” time or any time as a couple. Children are made out of love (mostly) so don’t forget to love your partner just as much as you did before. Make the effort to have date nights or play a board game at home when the kids are asleep. Keep working on your relationship, children don’t always bring people together, sometimes children tear couples apart. Nothing to do with the child itself but due to stress, lack of time as a couple and little effort with each other.

Today’s post is a little shorter than usual because I’m practising what I preach and we are going for a date night.

We all make time for what we feel is important in our lives


10 Kids Gift Ideas (Girls); Blogtober Day #18

  1. Personalised Rag Doll 

I had one of these dolls when I was younger and I absolutely loved it. (okay I had a few)


2. World map pillowcase colour and learn

How amazing is this? Not only is it good for colouring in they get to learn about the world as they do it. I’m all for educational toys.

normal_world-map-pillowcase-colour-and-learn (1)

3.Personalised Rainbow mug

Aria loves having her own cup “like mummy” and how cute is this rainbow design?


4.Personalised Children’s story book

Aria loves reading and I know she would absolutely love reading a book with her name in it.


5. Lucky Star Necklace

There’s something about kids and jewellery I will never understand but they are fascinated by it (maybe because its shiny), every time I wear a necklace though aria asks to wear it. So this year we’ve agreed she can have one. I also love the design because she is obsessed with stars at the moment, in fact, she’s asked for a telescope for Christmas to look at the “twinkle twinkle little stars.”


6. Colour in dress up

Fancy dress and colouring all in one. what’s not to love?


7. Personalised apron

Kids love to bake and if I’m honest I love them baking with me too. It’s something I’ve grown up saying;

“when I have kids I can’t wait to bake cakes with them”


8.Wall Print

Another great print for decorating their bedroom.


9. Gardening set

Another thing both my kid’s love is playing with dirt, so what better way to get them involved than gardening?


10. Bunny Rabbit Dress

This dress is just beautiful!


What am I afraid of? Blogtober Day #9

Most people are scared of rational things like spiders, snakes or mice. Not me, okay I am scared of moths but whats my biggest fear?

For me, I don’t know why, whether it be something that I haven’t quite dealt with that maybe I need some sort of counselling but my biggest fear is not being good enough. I know a lot of people feel like this but every time I’m truly happy I find a way to put myself down, yes that’s a lot to do with my anxiety but I’ve never felt like I’m a good enough girlfriend (nothing to do with dan, he’s amazing) due to past relationships. when we argue no matter whose fault it is I blame myself, I obsess over it. Worry that I’m going to push him away or that he will find someone better (no matter how much he tells me he only wants me).

I’m scared of failing as a mother because all I want is to be close to my kids, I craved it so much when I was a child, after losing my mother. That I’m scared I’m going to be an overbearing mum, not the type they want to come to talk to or go shopping with or cry to when they are upset.

I know this post sounds like the biggest pity party ever but it’s not meant to be. I wrote this post because not all fears are black and white and no matter what your fear, it matters. Recently I feel like I’ve been in a better place and that I’m facing my fears, I’m finally realising that I am worthy of love and that no matter what, my kids will love me as long as I’m present and show how much I love them that’s all that matters. I can’t control what they will or won’t share with me because let’s face it everyone has secrets but I can be there when they need me.

Self worth is so vital to your happiness if you don’t feel good about YOU, it’s hard to feel good about anything else

Reward Chart For Toddlers; Blogtober Day #8

So this post is a bit different and it’s not following the theme (Halloween/ autumn) but its what I’ve been up to lately. Aria has got to that age now where she understands things a lot more, she can understand when I explain things to her and follow instructions (when she wants) but since shes started school I’ve found she runs off and doesn’t stop when I tell her to, which can obviously be very dangerous and hard work for me when I’m walking with/ pushing Finley. I don’t want to bribe her with chocolate and sweets otherwise I would end up buying her sweets and chocolate every day. So I decided it was time to do a reward chart. I’ve always wanted to make a reward chart since I saw one once on Supernanny, the children on there always seem so happy to do the things they have been asked to do when they get a sticker or a treat for it.

So we decided (well I decided) to make Aria one, I know Finley wouldn’t be old enough to fully understand yet so maybe we will start one with him after Christmas.


Please ignore the lines I didn’t have a ruler I actually use the lollipop sticks, hence the dots. I will be getting a ruler for next time. 

I wrote the days across the top and the actions across the side. Her name is up in the corner and I’ve written on the front and back of lollipop sticks, one side has an indoor activity and the other has an outdoor activity. So that no matter what the weather she still gets rewarded for her good behaviour. Each week on a Sunday she picks out a reward stick for the week ahead (so she knows what she’s working for and we know to arrange activities)

To make your own Reward Chart you need:

Paper or Card



Lollipop sticks (or you can just use paper)

I’m a strong believer of getting the children involved in the housework as they grow, I hope that by the time our kids have their own home they will know how to make basic meals or how to use a washing machine. Obviously I’m not going to be cooking with them anytime soon but aria already loves helping me with the washing she puts the clothes in the wash with me and presses the buttons to start (with my supervision) I’m hoping to get her to start helping me put the toys away at night and make her bed in the mornings.


I’d love to hear from other parents that give their children chores at a young age. What kind of Chores do you give them? How do they help?


10 Simple Crafts to keep the kids busy this Autumn; Blogtober Day 3

If you’ve got kids you will know how frustrating it is when the weather starts to get colder and you don’t really feel like going to the park. We’re always looking for something to keep the kids entertained and what better way than with a cuppa and some crafts. Happy parents, happy children and no one needs to leave the house! Win-win!

So here are my favourite simple craft ideas to try out this Autumn.

  1. Leaf Wreaths – Why not bring the nature home and make some leaf wreaths, all you need is a paper plate, some glue and some leaves, it really is that simple.  You can even make handprints for a brilliant keepsake.


2. Pine Cone Hedgehogs- How cute are these? This is definitely one ill be trying with my two kids.


3. Painting with Nature – Pine cones, conkers and leaves can also be a fab way to paint, to explore new patterns and painting techniques.Have-Fun-Painting-With-Nature30a9a934c08aad57d0c60805243a8089

4. Cotton Bud Painting 


5. Rock Painting- Rock painting seems to be very popular these days, so why not try painting some ready to hide on the days you do venture out.


6. Leaf Hedgehog – Why not add some leaves to a drawing? 5526e5f39130ddc024b51181f31d2efa

7. Paper plate Hedgehog – or if you just really don’t feel like collecting leaves today, why not try a paper plate?


8. Mess-free Squishy Tree – This is perfect for the younger children.18a14b32256e6491fbcaa4be766f6365

9. Tissue paper tree- This is a simple but effective craft idea.


10 Handprint owls – Because we all love a good handprint craft project, right?


I’d love to see some more craft ideas so please do share some with me if there’s anything you’ve tried that i’ve missed.