A little follow on from yesterdays post, how about some Halloween Crafts? Something to get the kids in the spirit.

  1. Popsicle stick Frankenstein – Simple yet effective.


2. Handprint Bats – Great for decorating the house and for encouraging the kid’s imagination and creativity.


3. Paper plates can be great there are so many different ways you can get creative, including making spiders and pumpkins.


4. Rock Painting – It’s becoming such a big craze at the moment to paint and hide rocks. So why not try painting some wicked witches or pumpkins.


5.Toilet Roll Bats – This is such a cheap, cheerful craft project.


6. Or how about making some creepy, crawly spiders?


7. Paper plate witches – How wicked do these look?


8. Frankenstein footprints – Don’t be afraid to get creative, why not try making a mummy with a black piece of card and white paint, maybe add some googly eyes? or try orange and green for pumpkins.


9. What about some colourful outlines? Find some printable bats, witches, pumpkins or whatever takes your fancy and use a cotton bud to dab paint around the stencils. 605bbea352e815532d408363a96fd910

10. Pumpkin Apple Slice – Simply cut an apple in half paint the one side and stamp on a piece of paper it’s that easy.





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