10 Easy Jar Crafts; Blogtober Day #10

Lately, I’ve been collecting Jars for our wedding so I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas on what I can do with them. Our wedding is rustic themed so the different shape and sized jars work great. I never realised how many fab things you can do for all occasions with jars and bottles. Here are my favourite ideas, hope you like them as much as I do.

  1. Fairy/pixie/dragon jars – I love this idea for Arias bedroom when we finally get out of this house and she can have her own room. Also, I had to include the second photo anybody who knows me knows I love harry potter, so a cornish pixie in a jar is a must.

2. Hessian rustic jars – These are perfect for our wedding theme and it’s highly likely we will be doing this. I love how simple it is and how many ways you can mix it up.bb948a6335fbcb6e2895076977fbfe32

3. Glittery jars – these are perfect for autumn or for the Christmas period. They look so homely.


4. Autumn Leaves – Simple yet effective.


5. Halloween – How amazing do these Halloween themed jars look? There are so many possibilities with these. You can get printable stencils online of almost any design. 57f0d420a3d1a97467bb000b420a1be2

6. Brownie jar – I’ve seen a few different style jars but this is one of my favourites, it’s perfect as a gift. It’s an easy way to save time, you can get the kids involved and there are so many different possibilities. You could try cake, cookies, brownies, hot chocolate, milkshake or many others.


7. Fairy Lodge – Now in all honesty I don’t think id be able to make this as it looks a bit more tricky but I love the idea behind it, it looks absolutely beautiful and if your a very crafty person it would make a great gift.


8.  Rubberband -this is such a simple idea and it looks amazing, you could even try making mummy inspired ones for Halloween.


9- Love Bottles


10. String lights – How amazing do these look, just by adding string lights. e85aa6b933c940789f731245f07798e4

What am I afraid of? Blogtober Day #9

Most people are scared of rational things like spiders, snakes or mice. Not me, okay I am scared of moths but whats my biggest fear?

For me, I don’t know why, whether it be something that I haven’t quite dealt with that maybe I need some sort of counselling but my biggest fear is not being good enough. I know a lot of people feel like this but every time I’m truly happy I find a way to put myself down, yes that’s a lot to do with my anxiety but I’ve never felt like I’m a good enough girlfriend (nothing to do with dan, he’s amazing) due to past relationships. when we argue no matter whose fault it is I blame myself, I obsess over it. Worry that I’m going to push him away or that he will find someone better (no matter how much he tells me he only wants me).

I’m scared of failing as a mother because all I want is to be close to my kids, I craved it so much when I was a child, after losing my mother. That I’m scared I’m going to be an overbearing mum, not the type they want to come to talk to or go shopping with or cry to when they are upset.

I know this post sounds like the biggest pity party ever but it’s not meant to be. I wrote this post because not all fears are black and white and no matter what your fear, it matters. Recently I feel like I’ve been in a better place and that I’m facing my fears, I’m finally realising that I am worthy of love and that no matter what, my kids will love me as long as I’m present and show how much I love them that’s all that matters. I can’t control what they will or won’t share with me because let’s face it everyone has secrets but I can be there when they need me.

Self worth is so vital to your happiness if you don’t feel good about YOU, it’s hard to feel good about anything else

10 Easy Halloween Craft Ideas; Blogtober Day 4

A little follow on from yesterdays post, how about some Halloween Crafts? Something to get the kids in the spirit.

  1. Popsicle stick Frankenstein – Simple yet effective.


2. Handprint Bats – Great for decorating the house and for encouraging the kid’s imagination and creativity.


3. Paper plates can be great there are so many different ways you can get creative, including making spiders and pumpkins.


4. Rock Painting – It’s becoming such a big craze at the moment to paint and hide rocks. So why not try painting some wicked witches or pumpkins.


5.Toilet Roll Bats – This is such a cheap, cheerful craft project.


6. Or how about making some creepy, crawly spiders?


7. Paper plate witches – How wicked do these look?


8. Frankenstein footprints – Don’t be afraid to get creative, why not try making a mummy with a black piece of card and white paint, maybe add some googly eyes? or try orange and green for pumpkins.


9. What about some colourful outlines? Find some printable bats, witches, pumpkins or whatever takes your fancy and use a cotton bud to dab paint around the stencils. 605bbea352e815532d408363a96fd910

10. Pumpkin Apple Slice – Simply cut an apple in half paint the one side and stamp on a piece of paper it’s that easy.




Intro to Blogtober; Writing Challenge

So this year I’ve decided to attempt Blogtober. I’ve only recently stumbled upon it and I’m very excited to try it, fingers crossed if all goes well I’m hoping to do Blogmas too. For those of you don’t know Blogtober is where you post a new blog post every day of October, it doesn’t have to be Autumn/Halloween related but most people try to go with the theme and I’m going to try to do that too.

Another reason behind me taking part in Blogtober is as you will know from the last post I’ve rebranded so I’m starting from scratch, Blogtober is the perfect thing for me to get my love back for writing.

Heres a list of the blog ideas that have stood out to me, some of these I will be doing posts on some I may not, it all depends on the time I have to do it. So if your thinking about taking part in Blogtober then feel free to use some of these ideas.

  1. Intro (this is my intro)
  2. Fun things to do with the kids (outdoors)
  3. Slow cooker recipes
  4. Halloween crafts
  5. Autumn crafts
  6. Favourite things about Autumn
  7. Halloween costume ideas
  8. Things to do on a rainy day
  9. Books to read
  10. Favourite scary films
  11. Favourite family films
  12. Tips to help you cope with the darker mornings
  13. Autumn wishlist
  14. Pumpkin carving ideas
  15. Halloween Snacks
  16. Throwing a Halloween party
  17. Decorating your home for Halloween
  18. My favourite things to do in Autumn
  19. Ghost Stories
  20. Favourite Autumn Scents
  21. Meal ideas with pumpkins
  22. Baking with the kids
  23. Craft ideas with colourful leaves
  24. List of goals for the last few months of the year
  25. Ultimate cosy night in
  26. a guest post from another blogger
  27. Share a #tbt (maybe Halloween costumes from last year)
  28. Favourite quote and why?
  29. Superstitions
  30. I never thought blogging would…
  31. Halloween Costume Reveal.