So sorry that this post is later than usual but I’ve had a busy weekend and my internet has been playing up today!

As the Autumn/winter months are coming I find I get very bored of the same four walls, with the weather gloomy and wet. Know where to go and no way of getting anyway it’s important to find something for you to unwind, to relax and destress or just something to keep your identity. As a mum, it’s hard to remember who you were before kids because in all honesty your not the same as before, you’re a mum. You have someone relying on you for the rest of your life, you put there needs before you. You feed them first, you go way too long without brushing your hair or sometimes even showering because let’s face it you don’t get to do it alone anymore and when the kids are asleep who on earth has the time to dry their hair? not me!

Here are my top 10 hobbies to try this Autumn/Winter:

  1. Scrapbooking – This is the Front cover of a scrapbook I recently started for the kids, it’s been so much fun to make so far and it’s nice to have all their important bits in one place, of course, this is something that can be done for any occasion. (e.g Travel, Relationship, Friendship, Birthday)


2. Knitting – I tried knitting once before but really struggled with it, I’ve always loved the idea of making something for my children to wear that they could keep and pass on to their children.


3. Cooking – If you already enjoy cooking then this is great for you, why not expand your cooking knowledge? If I’m honest I don’t really like cooking much when the kids go to bed but when I do I freeze some.


4. Yoga – This has to be my favourite hobby (besides blogging) it’s really helped me with my anxiety and depression while also helping me get some exercise in.


5. Adult Colouring Books – There’s something so therapeutic about colouring, I could sit there for hours. I’ve actually got this harry potter colouring book and i absolutely love it.


6. Reading – I love to read but I have to really be in the mood for it and unless the book is really gripping I struggle to finish books but these are on my to-do list if you want inspiration Click here

download (6)

7. Calligraphy – I’ve always found it fascinating how people make this look so simple yet beautiful.


8. Quilt making – I love the idea of making a quilt out of the kid’s clothes, maybe one day I will make one!


9. Writing Short Stories – Why not try creating your own little stories, I’ve actually started writing a book recently but think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew so I will be attempting short stories and kids books first.


10. Blogging – If you haven’t already started blogging but enjoy reading other peoples blogs. Why not give it a shot yourself? It’s a great way to express yourself and the community are so supportive, it’s helped me feel less alone.


Tomorrow’s post will be another late one I’m afraid as I’m playing catch up but I’m hoping to be back to early morning posts by Tuesday/ Wednesday.




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