Not my usual post-genre but I do love to read and I’d absolutely love to get back into it so I thought I’d put together a list of the books I’ve either started and not finished, bought but not got round to reading or ones that I want to buy and read.

I would have loved to have said books to read this autumn but let’s face it I need longer than that, some of these books have been collecting dust for a while so it’s going to be a challenge anyway.

  1. Eve of Man – This is first on my to read list, I started it a while back when I first got back into blogging and because I was so focused on rebranding and trying to build my social media I just didn’t finish reading it.


2. The part-time working mummy – I’ve been dying to get this book for a while, I’ve followed this lady for almost a year now, I saw a post of hers once on facebook that I loved about her daughter Betsy and have followed her ever since. It takes a lot to get me hooked from facebook.


3.  Happy – Not only is this a little more into the life of Fearne Cotton who I love but its to help with depression and anxiety which is fab.


4.  Disney Twisted Tales – I am a BIG Disney fan, I came across these in Asda one day and I’ve been desperate to get them since! I actually want to read the Villan ones more.


5. The supermum myth – This is one of the ones I had bought for me but still, haven’t got round to reading. I read somewhere that it was a great read for mums suffering from anxiety and depression.

download (4)

6. The Notebook – Believe it or not I’ve never read the book or seen the film.

download (5)

7. The Birthday – I find books like this so interesting ( although I feel like people are going to think I’m some kind of psychopath admitting it) but let’s face it they are gripping.

51MKNErvlOL (1)

8. Fantastic Beasts – The Crimes of Grindelwald – there’s is no reason for me to explain this choice, J K Rowling is life and I’m a big BIG harry potter/ Fantastic Beasts fan.

download (6)

9. Dear Amy – I’m not sure why but this book really intrigues me. whos Amy? whos got kidnapped?


10. The Couple Next Door – This is the current No.1 Bestseller and all the reviews I have read say how gripping this book it.

download (7)


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