Take time for those that matter; Blogtober Day #27

As parents we often forget how important it is to not be parents for a bit, of course, we are still parents but finding time to just be Dan and Charlotte is equally as important as spending time with your kids.

When you become a parent you often lose yourself (not like Eminem) but you lose your identity, you forget who you were before you were “mum” and “dad” as much as you love those little darlings with all your heart and cherish the moments you have with them (some more than others) it can get you down just doing the same thing day in day out and not getting any “me” time or any time as a couple. Children are made out of love (mostly) so don’t forget to love your partner just as much as you did before. Make the effort to have date nights or play a board game at home when the kids are asleep. Keep working on your relationship, children don’t always bring people together, sometimes children tear couples apart. Nothing to do with the child itself but due to stress, lack of time as a couple and little effort with each other.

Today’s post is a little shorter than usual because I’m practising what I preach and we are going for a date night.

We all make time for what we feel is important in our lives


10 Gifts for Her Christmas list; Blogtober Day #15

As soon as September is over and Finley’s birthday is gone we start thinking of things to buy for people for Christmas. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I can’t wait to start buying but its often hard to know what to buy. So I’m putting together a list of things to buy for her, Things that you don’t usually see in the shops, something more personal.

* Will contain links to items, I’m not getting paid for this it’s just my own personal recommendations*

  1. Now if like me your a mum or have a friend that’s a mum you’ll know just how stressful it is and how nice it is to unwind with a nice glass of wine/gin (I know this sounds really stereotypical and not all mums do it, I don’t very often and until quite recently I didn’t drink at all) how great would it be though to have your own Personalised Gin glass

For the times you do want to just unwind…


2. Who doesn’t like to hear what people like about them?

Things we love about…


3. Why not try something a little different this year and get a zodiac  Star sign constellation


4. This is one of my favourites so far (so Dan if your reading this take notes) I absolutely love how you can pick your own hair, skin tone, lipstick, jumper and the year you were born!!

Makeup bag


5. Now anyone who knows me knows just how much I love tea but I’m quite funny with my cups/mugs. They have to be white inside so I can see how strong my tea is and they can’t be too big or small they need to be a standard size mug. I absolutely love a pretty design or something simple.

Personalised mug

Mummy and me mug set


6. Who doesn’t love to pamper themselves, even more so in the autumn/winter months.

Face mask party kit


7.  I think these necklaces are absolutely beautiful and perfect for any lady in your life.

Personalised Druzy Cluster Necklace


8. Have you got someone on your list that loves makeup but your unsure what foundation or what colour eyeshadows they like. Why not try a makeup brush set? These are an absolutely beautiful colour too.

15pc Rose Gold brush set


9. Do you know someone who spends more time in the garden than in the house?

Personalised Gardening apron


10.  I’m a self-confessed chocoholic and this gift is what dreams are made of!

Malteaser Chocolate Drizzle Personalised Tree