Happy Halloween; Blogtober Day 31

Can I just start this last post of Blogtober by saying I hope you’ve all had a great Halloween.


We’ve had such a great day today we started out going to Llanciach Fawr where we took part in various activities and we watched a magic show. Aria got over her fear of bouncy castles.

We got to see some fascinating animals including a possum, meerkats, a lizard and some sort of bug. I’m not quite sure what bug it was his name was Vinnie but he was part of the arachnid family but also looked a little like a scorpion, I actually held Vinnie and I was quite surprised at myself, I wasn’t scared at all and you couldn’t even feel him on your hand. I also held the lizard which was beautiful. I have to say I was gutted though because the day before they had snakes and an armadillo, I absolutely love snakes!

We also played outside on the slide and with footballs, hoops and bean bags which both the kids absolutely loved. Not as much as Aria loved the bouncy castle though I actually had to drag her off there kicking and screaming when we had to leave. We finished off with a puppet show before we headed home for some dinner and then trick or treating. Aria loved the fact she got sweets for knocking on peoples doors and I can already imagine what she will be like tomorrow asking for some. Finley on the other hand, we decided to take him on his reins, BIG MISTAKE! He dropped to the floor about 100 times which meant he was soaking wet from head to toe. He wouldn’t stay still so I just looked like a greedy adult asking for sweets while Finley was nowhere to be seen. He finally got the hang of knocking doors when we were nearly home, maybe next year he will be a bit more into it. Fingers crossed.




10 Pumpkin Carving Ideas; Blogtober Day #28

If you saw yesterdays post you will know me and Dan had a little date night. It was actually a surprise birthday meal for one of my closest friends so obviously I couldn’t write about it then but it was so lovely to have an adult conversation, good (hot) food and time as a couple.

Tomorrow we will be pumpkin carving with the kids so here are some ideas on what to do with your pumpkins.

  1. Harry Potter (my favourite)


2. Jack Skeleton


3. Mike Wazowski


4. Cheshire Cat


5. Skull with brains


6. Bats and Stars


7. Tinkerbell


8. Oogie Boogie Man


9. Spider


10. Spiderman


10 Family Halloween Costume ideas; Blogtober Day 12

Now I don’t know about anybody else but I’ve always loved the idea of having a family theme for our costumes and I’m desperately trying to do that this year on little funds. So here are some of my favourite family costume ideas. we will be trying the Adams family this year I think… always wanted to be Morticia.

1.101 Dalmations- How amazing do they look?


2. Scooby Doo – I absolutely loved scooby doo growing up (who am I kidding I still love the movies)


3. The Wizard of Oz


4. Coco inspired – If you haven’t seen Coco you need to it’s an amazing film. 9f298866864f1f7a971187b228e46c76

5. The Incredibles – If like me you couldn’t wait to see the Incredibles 2 then why not dress as your favourite super family this year?


6.Batman, Catwoman and Robin – Or you may like the more traditional superheroes. 733db855dbaaaee7f115443a23e196ba

7. The Addams Family – You can’t really go wrong when dressing as the Addams family, black/stripey clothes and black hair.


8. The Flinstones


9.Inside Out – This is a family favourite in our house, i absolutely loved watching inside out.


10. Despicable Me – No matter how many little minions you have this idea is suitable for any family.