10 Simple Crafts to keep the kids busy this Autumn; Blogtober Day 3

If you’ve got kids you will know how frustrating it is when the weather starts to get colder and you don’t really feel like going to the park. We’re always looking for something to keep the kids entertained and what better way than with a cuppa and some crafts. Happy parents, happy children and no one needs to leave the house! Win-win!

So here are my favourite simple craft ideas to try out this Autumn.

  1. Leaf Wreaths – Why not bring the nature home and make some leaf wreaths, all you need is a paper plate, some glue and some leaves, it really is that simple.  You can even make handprints for a brilliant keepsake.


2. Pine Cone Hedgehogs- How cute are these? This is definitely one ill be trying with my two kids.


3. Painting with Nature – Pine cones, conkers and leaves can also be a fab way to paint, to explore new patterns and painting techniques.Have-Fun-Painting-With-Nature30a9a934c08aad57d0c60805243a8089

4. Cotton Bud Painting 


5. Rock Painting- Rock painting seems to be very popular these days, so why not try painting some ready to hide on the days you do venture out.


6. Leaf Hedgehog – Why not add some leaves to a drawing? 5526e5f39130ddc024b51181f31d2efa

7. Paper plate Hedgehog – or if you just really don’t feel like collecting leaves today, why not try a paper plate?


8. Mess-free Squishy Tree – This is perfect for the younger children.18a14b32256e6491fbcaa4be766f6365

9. Tissue paper tree- This is a simple but effective craft idea.


10 Handprint owls – Because we all love a good handprint craft project, right?


I’d love to see some more craft ideas so please do share some with me if there’s anything you’ve tried that i’ve missed.

Intro to Blogtober; Writing Challenge

So this year I’ve decided to attempt Blogtober. I’ve only recently stumbled upon it and I’m very excited to try it, fingers crossed if all goes well I’m hoping to do Blogmas too. For those of you don’t know Blogtober is where you post a new blog post every day of October, it doesn’t have to be Autumn/Halloween related but most people try to go with the theme and I’m going to try to do that too.

Another reason behind me taking part in Blogtober is as you will know from the last post I’ve rebranded so I’m starting from scratch, Blogtober is the perfect thing for me to get my love back for writing.

Heres a list of the blog ideas that have stood out to me, some of these I will be doing posts on some I may not, it all depends on the time I have to do it. So if your thinking about taking part in Blogtober then feel free to use some of these ideas.

  1. Intro (this is my intro)
  2. Fun things to do with the kids (outdoors)
  3. Slow cooker recipes
  4. Halloween crafts
  5. Autumn crafts
  6. Favourite things about Autumn
  7. Halloween costume ideas
  8. Things to do on a rainy day
  9. Books to read
  10. Favourite scary films
  11. Favourite family films
  12. Tips to help you cope with the darker mornings
  13. Autumn wishlist
  14. Pumpkin carving ideas
  15. Halloween Snacks
  16. Throwing a Halloween party
  17. Decorating your home for Halloween
  18. My favourite things to do in Autumn
  19. Ghost Stories
  20. Favourite Autumn Scents
  21. Meal ideas with pumpkins
  22. Baking with the kids
  23. Craft ideas with colourful leaves
  24. List of goals for the last few months of the year
  25. Ultimate cosy night in
  26. a guest post from another blogger
  27. Share a #tbt (maybe Halloween costumes from last year)
  28. Favourite quote and why?
  29. Superstitions
  30. I never thought blogging would…
  31. Halloween Costume Reveal.